Hermann and his blackboard

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make me choose: stranger-mcdanger asked Pocahontas or Mulan?



This was my favorite line in the movie.  I love it when random characters suddenly react like real people.

^That is my favorite thing about Marvel movies.


i literally find every iteration of this meme HILARIOUS no matter what fandom it involves


Valka’s like a Disney princess.. but with dragons.


Valka’s like a Disney princess.. but with dragons.

pompous pep 33 please
+ chibiv


33) celebrity/fan au

Danny had to squeeze his way through the crowd to even get a glimpse of Vlad Masters, famous movie actor. There he was, waving to his fans as camera were flashing and reporters were trying to get the man’s attention.

Danny gripped tightly to his pen and picture he wanted the movie actor to signed. He’d die of happiness if he got an autograph from Vlad. The crowd became more excitable, and Danny stumbled.

He fell out from behind the red ropes and tumbled down. He groaned, slowly getting up. He saw someone’s hand reaching out for him so he grabbed it. The person helped him up and Danny looked up.

His face went red to see that Vlad Masters was helping him up from the floor.

"Are you alright, dear boy?" Vlad asked.

Danny nervously stammered, nodding. Vlad smiled at him, brushing his hand over Danny’s bangs. “You must be careful next time.” He noticed the pen and photo Danny was holding and pointed to it.

"Would you like me to sign that?"

"YES! U-Uh, if y-you like, M-Mr. M-Masters." Danny stuttered, holding up the pen and photo.

Vlad chuckled as he took the photo and pen, signing it. “Please, just call me Vlad. What’s your name?”

"D-D-Daniel. Uh, Danny! I mean, both. I m-mean-!"

Vlad laughed, handing the pen and photo back. “Don’t worry, Daniel. I don’t bite. Alas though, I’m afraid I must be going.”

He ruffled Danny’s hair, smiling. “You be careful now.”

Danny just nodded dumbly as a bodyguard guided him back to where the crowd was. Danny watched his favorite movie actor wave goodbye as he got into his limo. He looked down at his autographed picture and stunned to see a phone number.


I mean, it’s not like he’s grown any new tails in weeks. And attacking a member of the maintenance crew happened once (the dude was totally being rude, Hermann agreed).


Hiccup + Hands


holy shitballs the lineart is done

complete with some notes on my own additions :3